About the blog

I graduated from university in 2007 with a Ba Hons in Fashion Enterprise.  I went on to be employed as a designer by different companies over a four-year stint working in London.  I would spend my spare time in my evenings and weekends creating my own graphics and prints for fashion that would be sold at tradeshows internationally and bought directly by brands and retailers.

In the autumn of 2010 I decided I had spent enough time being employed by companies and decided to take the plunge and peruse my dream of becoming a freelance graphic and print designer for fashion (also doing a bit for home ware, gift, stationery and a few other bits and pieces along the way too!)

I realised after leaving University, although I left feeling confident and enthusiastic about my area of specialism, there was still a lot I needed to learn about the industry that I wish I already knew!  What was a SKU?  My CADs really did have to be very very detailed…how do I set up artwork for factories?  Colour separation?  The list went on and that was just after a few hours in my new job.

I sort of wished there was a website with definitions of things I needed to know as a young fashion designer that I could look up and get answered.  From then on I had always played with the idea of creating a book that answered all my questions so others wouldn’t be in the same position.  Once I was able to be a bit more creative with my time working as a freelance designer I decided to set up the fashion student’s hub.  I thought here I can blog about all the things I think are essential to know as a young designer.

I am now part time lecturing at my old university so I can really get a grasp of what it is that students need to know to help them along the way.

Anyway, today I am starting the blog from the very beginning (the basics) and hope to as time goes by build up on the essentials so that the fashion students hub will become a bank of useful knowledge!

I’d love to hear anyone’s thoughts as well as any questions you would like answered?